Javascript Colorspace Conversion

Friday, 10 Jan 2014
Javascript Colorspace ConversionRecently published: single file Javascript library which converts colors between HEX, RGB, HSB (HSV) and HSL colorspaces. Feel free to use or build upon this library. Any effort into supporting CMYK, LAB and XYZ would be much appreciated. Check... » read this

Numbering Permutations

Friday, 28 Jun 2013
Came across a nice challenge today: presenting permutations of an array by incremental numbers. An array with length 3 (for example [A,B,C]) gives the following 6 (factorial of 3: 3!) permutations: 0 - ABC 1 - ACB 2 - BAC 3 - BCA 4... » read this

HTML tags with src attribute

Monday, 29 Apr 2013
Couldn't easily find such a list, so compiled it myself. HTML <= 4.01 <img> <script> <iframe> <frame> <input> (when type='image') <embed> HTML 5 <video> ... » read this

Sublime Text 2 - keybindings overview

Friday, 21 Sep 2012
Sublime Text 2 - keybindings overviewPeople quickly fall in love with, or get addicted to Sublime Text 2. However, many are also confused by the vast amount of keyboard shortcuts available. I've created an automatically generated overview of the available keybindings,... » read this

Apache Subdomains per user

Thursday, 23 Aug 2012
Apache Subdomains per userI recently had to configure a new Ubuntu machine to serve multiple domains (* based on users. Ideally, any account (,, etc. etc.) would simply serve pages from it's own documentroot. Searching... » read this